Helmet Painting Prices

Here is a rough idea of the kind of price it will cost to get your helmet painted. Every job is different I have to take into account the time it will take and the materials I'll use on your helmet please contact me for an individual quote.

Add a logo to your helmet Design For a small logo name or number added to an existing helmet prices start from £60.
A basic helmet design with a logo or a name on the front and back including a colour change on the helmet starts at £185. Basic Helmet Design
Basic Helmet Design More detailed designs with simple artwork all around the helmet start at £285.
High detailed design with artwork all over the helmet start at £350. Detailed delmet Design


Metal Flake Helmet Design For a metal flake base on your helmet design add £85.
Chrome base on the helmet before anything else is added £200. Chrome Base on the Helmet
Detailed delmet Design. Gloss and satin finish from £50.