Chrome Base

Here you can see a bit more about my new chrome process that I am using as a base for helmet painting. I am using Alsa Chrome FX. The system uses a chemical reaction to leave a fine coat of silver on the helmet. The beauty of this is anything that you can paint can now have a mirror like chrome finish. I experemented with chrome paints but this is the next level I'll quickly run you through the process.

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Stage 1

Jims Factory Alsa Chrome FX Base

First the helmet has to be primed as normal then base coated which has to be perfect becasue any imperfections even finger prints show straight through the silver. In this picture the now dry base coat is being washed with deionised water.

Stage 2

Jims Factory Alsa Chrome FX Base

Now the helmet is fully washed it's time to flood it with activator this coat has to soak the helmet leaving no dry spots

Stage 3

Jims Factory Alsa Chrome FX Base

Now for the magic, after the helmet is rinsed with deionised water for a second time it's time to hit it with the silvering chemicals.

Stage 4

Jims Factory Alsa Chrome FX Base

Once the helmet is chrome it has to be fully rinsed off again with deionised water any of the chemicals that are left on at this stage will discolour the chrome in time.

Stage 5

Jims Factory Alsa Chrome FX Base

The helmet now has to be blown dry with an air line any water marks left will damage the surface. Once dry stand back and enjoy it. This chrome system can be tinted in any colour that you can get a candy paint.

Jims Factory Alsa Chrome FX Base